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My Heart Desire

(no apostrophe...on purpose)


Why No Apostrophe?

An apostrophe would change the entire meaning and purpose of what I believe God's plans are for our businesses. An apostrophe in our business name would show ownership. Possession. God has shown me from the beginning, and continues to remind me that  it is He who placed the desire to do what I am doing in my heart. These desires that I have are not my possessions, but are sentiments He uses to prompt me to become passionate about spreading His word by words of encouragement, and by learning to provide service to His people, in love. Those are things that I NEVER craved to do, before I begin to delight myself in Him. So, I am grateful and blessed to be but a steward of God's desires, used to draw His people to a closer relationship with Him.  May I, and you, be forever reminded by the purposeful grammatical error in My Heart Desire, that it never was , and will never be about us, or what we want (or don't want ) to do. It's not my heart's desire, but it is His.

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