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Ebb & Flow

"Life is likened to an ocean. Tranquilized with the constant motion of up & down, strength & weakness. Flooded with its highs & lows, peace & chaos. Its experience causing such pleasure and fear.  Yet each movement serves its purpose. It keeps us alive & sensitive to life. We need both the ebb & the flow. We must learn to ride the waves of life."~M. Pettway

Meet the Coach

Melinda's Story

I entered my journey into motherhood in 1995, at the age of 15. As a young mother, I experienced many barriers, both externally and internally, causing me to develop limiting beliefs about myself, and about life in general. In 2010, I rediscovered that my life still had purpose, and have been on a mission to support and encourage young mothers for over a decade.

Ebb & Flow life coaching services is designed with the heart of young mothers in mind. Our pricing is affordable, and our times are flexible. Our goal is to assist our clients, as they continue to face the waves of life; the ups and the downs. At Ebb & Flow, giving up is NOT an option. Our aim is to be a consistent support system for young mothers who are in need of that extra push, sound encouragement, and accountability. Discover practical ways to set goals, stay on task, and overcome negativity by speaking, and doing life, on purpose!


Melinda Pettway
Certified Life Coach

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