"We service to serve"

Thank you for your interest in partnering with My Heart Desire LLC to service clients through the Arise Platform. Our  goal is to assist the business clients that we service through our call center by pleasantly and respectfully serving each customer we encounter . Here at My Heart Desire LLC, we service to serve!

What You Need to Know Before Moving Forward

If accepted, please note that you will be an independent contractor for My Heart Desire LLC. 

 It is important that you click the link below for information on what it means to be an independent contractor, if you are not already aware. 


IRS Link:

As a My Heart Desire LLC Independent Contractor, you can:


  •  Begin working from the privacy of your own home immediately, or take advantage of our office space

  • Set your own work schedule from week to week, after completing course certification

 Successful Independent Contractors will have the following skills: ​

  • Basic computer skills including navigating multiple tabs, windows, and systems

  • Basic typing skills

  • Ability to provide pleasant, respectful customer service to every customer


 At My Heart Desire, we strive to be as transparent as possible so that our agents are aware of any fees and costs involved with using the Arise Platform. When you join any Arise affiliated IBO(Independent Business Owner) you will be charged fees for their  services. My Heart Desire LLC(if accepted, we will be the IBO you work under) charges a low fee of .50 cents per hour. This fee is already  deducted from the pay rate of each individual client we service.

  • Arise charges a service fee of $19.75 per invoice period. This fee covers the cost of the infrastructure that Arises provides, including the Arise 24-Hour Client  Technical Support Help Desk, and StarMatic® scheduling system.

  •  Invoices are paid on the 1st and 15th of each month

  • You will  be responsible for paying for a background check (usually $9.99 but subject to change)

  • You will be responsible for paying for your certification courses, if their is a cost.Costs are as low as $4.99, & many are offered at no cost for limited time periods. 

Training/Certification Courses

Certification courses are  highly specialized, instructor-led online courses.  These courses are required by each client we service, and provide details about the client’s systems and the requirements of each particular program. Successfully completing the course and  passing an assessment validates and certifies that each agent understands client call types, performance metrics,  and client systems. You are responsible for obtaining the knowledge you need during certification courses in order to successfully service our clients.


Are you ready to move forward?



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